What can we help you with?
What software do you edit in?

Nobacklog only edits images in Adobe Lightroom Classic (desktop application, purchased via Creative Cloud) versions 9 and 10.

Due to advancements in Lightroom related to Smart Previews, and Adobe's stance on Creative Cloud version limitation, we can only support v9 and 10.  

Our entire process and workflow is built around Lightroom, so it's a must-have for our collaboration together. Lightroom is a non-destructive editing software that keeps the original image separate from any in-program edits. We simply provide a catalog file back to you for reconnection to your originals. 

What services are available?

Nobacklog offers a range of services to meet your requirements and budget. 


Our culling service allows you to handover the sometimes overwhelming and time-consuming task of selecting which photos to keep from thousands of originals from the event. 

Culling must be booked with an edit, we do not offer a cull-only service. You can however, complete the cull yourself and deliver Nobacklog a catalog ready to edit. 

We have three types of editing options: 

Standard Edit service includes:  

  • Editing to your Style 
  • Cropping & Level 
  • Temperature & Tint 
  • Exposure & Contrast 
  • Whites & Blacks 
  • Highlights & Shadows 
  • Saturation & Vibrance  

Advanced service includes:  

  • Everything in Standard, plus: 
  • Localized adjustments 
  • Radial filters 
  • HSL 
  • Sharpening and Noise Reduction 
  • Basic brushing 
  • Tone Curve and Split Toning  

Sorry, but we do not currently offer retouching services, such as object removal, skin, teeth and eye improvements, background extension, head swaps etc.

How does my editor understand my requirements?

Detailing your workflow preferences and editing requirements is vital to a successful collaboration, so Nobacklog has built a number of systems to efficiently handle this information:  

  • 1) You build a Studio Profile, which includes unique Styles 
  • 2) Screen recording upload (record yourself doing key tasks you want us to replicate)          
  • 3) You provide editor Notes for each project 
  • 4) You provide feedback after project delivery  

Your studio Profile can be continually updated to reflect important default preferences. Within your Profile, you can build two types of Styles.  

  • Standard (applied to a Standard edit order) 
  • Advanced (applied to an Advanced edit order)  

Styles have detailed instructions on the "look" you would like Nobacklog to achieve, including:  

  • References photos 
  • Likes and dislikes 
  • Written instructions 
  • Screen recordings of you editing 
  • Preset upload  

For example, a studio that only orders Advanced edits, and wants the same Style for both Wedding and Family shoots, will only have a single Advanced Style in Nexus. 

You can update an existing Style, or build a new Standard or Advanced Style anytime within Nexus. Each individual project has a single Style applied to it.

How do I submit my Presets?

Presets can be submitted to Nobacklog by creating a custom Style in your Studio Profile. Nobacklog does not permit the upload of a Preset as a project asset.


In order to adequately understand your requirements and preferences to edit images with a Preset you provide, we require more than just a Preset XMP file. We require a range of details, instructions and samples to build a comprehensive understanding of your editing approach, including provision of the Preset.

How do I send you my Catalog?

Nobacklog requires only two files from you:  

  • Catalog (.lrcat) 
  • Smart Preview files (Smart Previews.lrdata)  

Lightroom allows you to build Smart Previews which are duplicates of the original image. It provides all the processing capabilities and benefits of a RAW file but occupies considerably less space. Smart Previews have no visible difference to working with original images in the Develop module. 

Uploading Smart Previews to Dropbox or Google Drive instead of original images saves a lot of time and space on your storage account. A 120GB project might decrease to 20GB or less.

We have step-by-step instructions within the Nexus Help Centre to assist you with this process.

What do I receive back from Nobacklog?

Nobacklog will return a Lightroom Classic Catalog back to you. You will be emailed when the Catalog is ready for download through the Nexus system. 

Lightroom Catalogs are non-destructive, and simply contain instructions on how to process raw images that you kept on your end. Within a matter of minutes, you can reconnect all the original images, and you will see the edits that Nobacklog completed. Nobacklog will not return the Smart Previews or other types of Previews that Lightroom generates. 

You can make some tweaks yourself then export for your client, or request revisions with Nobacklog.

Can you provide sneak peeks quickly?

Do you want to send pictures to your client quickly after the event? It's possible, but it requires using our Pre-Order service. 

Here's how to achieve turn-arounds of about 4 business days:  

  • 1) You Pre-Order the project at least 4 weeks prior to the Event Date 
  • 2) We put aside your editors time 
  • 3) You upload and pay for the project quickly after the event 
  • 4) We'll generally be able to provide a cull and edit for the entire job within 4 business days  

We don't offer a service that provides part of the catalog earlier the entire completed job is delivered all together. 

If you prefer to send a sneak peek within less than 4 business days after the event, we suggest editing a sub-set of images yourself. Leave these edited images within the catalog and they can act as reference images!

Is there a way to try out the Nobacklog service?

Due to the time invested in understanding your unique needs, building a profile with you and editing your work, it's not possible for Nobacklog to offer trial edits.  

We'd love to get started on a project with you, and we'll work with you until its just right.

Can I submit small projects? Non-wedding?

If you'd like to submit smaller jobs, such as engagement, family or portrait shoots, the exact same process applies. 

Select whether it's a cull and edit, or edit only job and complete the order form as per usual. There is a minimum order value of $49 USD, so you'll see this minimum price even if you're ordering a small quantity of images.

Can I submit feedback or request revisions?

Absolutely! Your feedback is particularly important as we initially refine your Studio Profile and unique Styles on the first few projects. 

As with any creative endeavour, it may take time for your editor to completely adapt to your complex workflow and unique preferences. 

We've developed a range of functions in Nexus that makes to seamless to provide feedback or request revisions. Our advanced systems save you time when communicating your needs, and track everything so we don't miss a beat.

How can I get started or learn more?

All projects with Nobacklog run through software we've built called Nexus. It's your central hub for ordering, managing and reviewing projects. 

Sign up for a free Nexus account and visit the Help Centre. There are over 80 articles with a wealth of information, direction, tips and tricks. If you'd like to direct message or speak with us, get in touch.